Octopus is a legendary children’s game that I have played with groups of all ages. This game is also known as “Sharks and Minnows.” You set the room up with boundaries with “safe zones” at each end. Your playing area will be set up like a football field. Choose a person to be the “OCTOPUS.”Continue reading “OCTOPUS”


Hello Summer from WhoopWhoopBlog! We have been on a short hiatus, but we are back. We will be featuring a lot of games and fun for the summertime, as well as our other daily themed topics. Enjoy! HUMAN ENGINEERING This is a hilarious, NO PROP, activity that works well in dead spaces in your schedule. TellContinue reading “HUMAN WHEEL BARREL RACES”


This is a tag game where dots/carpet squares are “safe zones.” When a student is on a “safe zone” they can’t be tagged. Randomly place the dots around your room and have students stand on a dot. Students can only stay on a dot for 3 seconds Students cannot return to the same dot OnceContinue reading “DOT TAG”


I have been blessed to work with junior high and senior high students for nearly 20 years now, as a student pastor, student speaker, director of eight junior high camps and worked in the public school system for seven years. I was honored to be able to run student leadership teams in a public Junior High School.Continue reading “STUDENT LEADERSHIP BOOKLIST”


It is 9:30 on Sunday Morning, your class starts at 10:00 am. You have 5, 10, 15, or 20 children ready to hear God’s Word. ARE YOU READY? whether you are a Sunday School teacher, youth pastor, small group leader, or Senior pastor, my personal experience tells me that this question, “ARE YOU READY?,” canContinue reading “P.R.E.P.A.R.E. TEACHING CHECKLIST”