One classic that is always a hit is called “donut on a string.”  You take your students and pair them up by two’s.  The way this game works is that half of the students will lie on their backs and their partner will stand behind them.  Their partner will have a donut that will be tiedContinue reading “DONUT ON A STRING”


There is no better way to have a good time than to play with your food! So, pick up a bag of oranges, gather your students together, crank up the music and expect a great time. DESCRIPTION: Participants have 30 seconds to see how much Juice they can squeeze from Oranges into a Cup. The personContinue reading “HUMAN JUICERS”


SUPPLIES Two large clear plastic serving bowls Egg Nog Goggles Small Candy Canes PLAYERS You will need at least two people to play this game. However, if you can involve more students, those watching will have even more reason to cheer them on! SET-UP Fill each bowl with egg nog and 8-10 candy canes. HOW TOContinue reading “EGG NOB BOB”


DISCLAIMER: Many of my youth pastor friends desire the gross and the x-treme. While I have personally outgrown this phase of student ministry (lololol) many of my friends have not. Therefore I am providing a very crazy activity courtesy of the kind people from If this is offensive to you, please stay tuned for moreContinue reading “FROZEN TURKEY OLYMPICS”