This is a tag game where dots/carpet squares are “safe zones.” When a student is on a “safe zone” they can’t be tagged. Randomly place the dots around your room and have students stand on a dot. Students can only stay on a dot for 3 seconds Students cannot return to the same dot OnceContinue reading “DOT TAG”


(Graphic created by Anthony R, Morehead) Everyone loves a great game of Tic Tac Toe! So, let’s super-size this classic! Enjoy a game of human Tic Tac Toe. Setup this activity by laying out three rows of three dots (Spot markers, carpet squares, paper plates, etc). The idea is to make it look like aContinue reading “HUMAN TIC TAC TOE”


GAMING TOOL – SPOT MARKERS One of my favorite gaming tools is “spot markers.” These are anything that you can place on the floor for students to stand on. I use ‘floppy fliers’ that I purchased from Wal-mart for 99 cents apiece. I have also gone to carpet stores and had them donate carpet squares.Continue reading “MY NEIGHBOR”