My Neighbor.001


One of my favorite gaming tools is “spot markers.” These are anything that you can place on the floor for students to stand on.

  • I use ‘floppy fliers’ that I purchased from Wal-mart for 99 cents apiece.

  • I have also gone to carpet stores and had them donate carpet squares. They are a bit bulkier, but they are free.

  • I have also used sheets of paper for a quick fix when I had to improvise and unexpectedly run games.

  • You can also buy professional spot markers.

I will post a list of activities that you can use with spot markers, but any circle game and most activities that use chairs can be replaced by using what I call “dots.” When I was student pastor, X-treme Se7en’s favorite game for years was fruit basket turnover. I can’t tell you how many chairs were destroyed with that activity. With “dots” you don’t destroy chairs and it is a lot faster to set up and clean up.


My FAVORITE activity of all time is MY NEIGHBOR. Students will be in a circle standing on a spot-marker (DOT) with one person in the middle. The person in the middle shouts out something they like.


  • “My neighbor likes basketball” – Then everyone in the room who likes basketball will change places.


  •  You can’t move next door. (The dot next to you)
  •  You only have three-seconds to shout something out that you like when you are in the middle.


  • This is a great activity to get people to learn about each other with their likes and dislikes.


This activity is a fun surface activity, but you can focus it however you wish. You can limit the topics too. . . my neighbor likes working in the church by . . . etc.

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