Family PhotosWHOOP! WHOOP! Exists to provide resources to those who have responded to the call of MINISTRY, LEADERSHIP and the building of excellent TEAMS.

I am a man who has simply responded to the call. God started calling me to go to Bible School after I graduated High School and I said YES (Admittedly, this initial call was the hardest one for me to respond to). Then God called me to youth pastor and I said YES!

God placed an incredible woman, Bobbi Fae, in my life and I GAVE A RESOUNDING YES! Together we continued to say YES to the call of God. In 2004 we said YES to the call to pastor Crossroads Apostolic Church. In 2005 we were asked to be the Small Group Pastors at The Potters House church and said YES! In 2008 we were invited to pastor Adrian United in Adrian Michigan and once again, we said YES!

After four years of pastoral ministry in Adrian, my wife Dr. Morehead was invited to be the Vice President for the Urshan Community. We said YES and moved to St. Louis Missouri where she led the merger of Urshan College and Urshan Graduate School. Once that task was completed we said YES to return to Michigan where my wife is the Superintendent of Covert Public Schools and I have said YES to full time evangelism.

We have also said YES to preaching children camps and youth camps along with children and youth seminars. The heartbeat of our ministry is to help as many leaders as possible also give a resounding YES to the call God has placed with their lives.



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