This is one of the favorite parachute activities for children! From a standing position, lift the parachute from the ground to waist height, counting one (lift from ground) and two (lift from waist). On three (lift over head), have everyone raise the parachute high over their heads and then (DROP!) crouch down, pulling the parachuteContinue reading “MUSHROOM PARACHUTE ACTIVITY”


Can you say chaos? Start with everybody holding the chute stretched out. Throw as many pit balls  you can find on to the chute. Then see how quickly you can bounce them off without letting go of the chute. When you shout POPCORN the children lift the parachute as high as they can and propelContinue reading “POPCORN PARACHUTE ACTIVITY”


Looking for some excitement? Play parachute tag. Have students gather around the parachute. Have participants lift the parachute high overhead. Call one participants name and have her / him run (skip, hop, twirl or crawl) to the other side before the parachute comes down and tags her. You can shout out several names at onceContinue reading “PARACHUTE TAG”


Need a little fun and chaos? Try playing rainbow! Have participants hold onto the edge of the parachute. On the count of three, have them lift it high into the air. Call out a color of the parachute. These players quickly change places under the canopy. Begin calling two or three colors at a time.Continue reading “RAINBOW PARACHUTE ACTIVITY”


This is a great activity to get everyone moving. Everyone should stand in a circle holding the chute stretched out at about waist height. Someone becomes a mouse and goes underneath. Someone else becomes a cat and goes on top. The cat tries to catch the mouse, but with everyone billowing the chute, it isContinue reading “CAT AND MOUSE PARACHUTE ACTIVITIES”


GAMING TOOL – PARACHUTE I love parachute games! And so do your students, and your parents, and the staff members of your school, church or company. I have played these games with all types of ages and groups and always have terrific results. For this set of activities there is an investment involved, but itContinue reading “PARACHUTE VOLLEYBALL”