Parachute Volleyball.001-001


I love parachute games! And so do your students, and your parents, and the staff members of your school, church or company. I have played these games with all types of ages and groups and always have terrific results. For this set of activities there is an investment involved, but it is well worth it.

A great site for parachutes is There are several options to meet the size of your group and your budget. There are a hundred plus activities that can be used with a parachute. Many will be posted in this blog as well as other links and books for you to find other parachute games.



Have participants stand around the parachute while holding it with both hands waist high. This is probably the simplest parachute game but it has multiple variations. First, put the ball on the parachute and start flapping and waving the parachute around.

Next, try a contest. Split the parachute into two teams, i.e. this half versus that half, and have the teams try to cause the ball to go off the other side of the parachute. 

Also, you can have everyone kneel down, place the parachute on the ground and pull it tight, and then put the ball in the middle. At the same time have everyone stand up and raise the parachute high above their heads. If done properly, this should propel the ball high into the air. (Copyright 1999 Edward Stanfield. All rights reserved.)

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