A great way to recap a lesson or to introduce new material to your class is by using a discussion ball. They make professional discussion balls with specific content questions on them, but I prefer to buy a $1.00 beach ball and take a list of labels and create 10 to 20 questions focused around my topic.Continue reading “DISCUSSION BALL”


OBJECTIVE: This is a great activity to get participants of all ages talking about the content you are teaching. Whether you are using this as a pre-telling  strategy where you are gauging your groups knowledge of a topic your getting ready to teach, or a retelling strategy where you are gauging what your group has justContinue reading “BEACHBALL ABC’S”


A great activity for teams of all ages is the beach ball kudos activity. This is a very powerful activity that helps team members understand how important they are to each other. Have everyone get in a circle. Take a beach ball and as the leader start this activity off by throwing the ball toContinue reading “BEACH BALL KUDOS”