Beachball ABC


This is a great activity to get participants of all ages talking about the content you are teaching. Whether you are using this as a pre-telling  strategy where you are gauging your groups knowledge of a topic your getting ready to teach, or a retelling strategy where you are gauging what your group has just learned about the topic that was taught.


A BEACH BALL: Take a black marker and write the letters of the alphabet on the beach ball


Have your students stand in a circle and give your students a topic that you want them to discuss. Then have students stand in a circle and toss the beach ball from person to person. Have students catch the ball and what ever letter his/her right thumb lands on they are to come up with a word that starts with that letter that deals with your power word. Below is a list of responses that a group of Junior High Students came up with on the topic of LEADERSHIP.

✦ A is for Attitude
✦ B is for Best Effort
✦ C is for Cooperation
✦ D is for Determination
✦ E is for Encouragement
✦ F is for Friendship
✦ G is for Good feelings
✦ H is for Hope
✦ I is for incredible
✦ J is for Joyful
✦ K is for Kind
✦ L is for Listening
✦ M is for Magnificent
✦ N is for Never give up
✦ O is for Opportunities
✦ P is for Persuasive
✦ Q is for Quality work
✦ R is for Responsibility
✦ S is for Success
✦ T is for Team work
✦ U is for Understanding
✦ V is for Voice
✦ W is for Win
✦ X is for X-treme
✦ Y is for You work hard and do your best
✦ Z is for Zebra (Everything is to blend together)

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