Hello Summer from WhoopWhoopBlog! We have been on a short hiatus, but we are back. We will be featuring a lot of games and fun for the summertime, as well as our other daily themed topics. Enjoy! HUMAN ENGINEERING This is a hilarious, NO PROP, activity that works well in dead spaces in your schedule. TellContinue reading “HUMAN WHEEL BARREL RACES”


WE ARE CURRENTLY BOOKING FOR 2023! Please let us know if we can bless you in the areas of preaching, teaching, children’s ministry, student ministry, teacher training, team building, banquets, leadership training or marriage workshops. Our available Sundays are listed in PURPLE. 2023 DATES APRIL April 2nd – OPEN WEEKEND April 9th – Easter –Continue reading “CURRENT MOREHEAD MINISTRY SCHEDULE”


This youth group game is a bit of a puzzle game that can be done as an entire group or as a competition. Have each team/group get into a circle, with students standing up and standing shoulder to shoulder facing the inside of the circle. Have each person reach out his/her right-hand and grab theContinue reading “HUMAN KNOTS”


If you are looking for an activity that will help your group with communication and team building, then you need to get your participants “Island Hopping:” Break your group up into two or more teams Place each team on a tarp on the floor that is an ISLAND. Have the ISLANDS about 2 feet from each other Tell theContinue reading “ISLAND HOPPING TARP ACTIVITY”


GAMING TOOL – ALPHABET LETTERS One of my favorite gaming tools are FOAM LETTERS. You can purchase them online and local stores from $35.00 to $50.00. This is an investment that you can use many different ways in your ministry. I will be posting additional strategies that you can use with this exciting gaming tool. ALPHABET PUZZLE One of my mostContinue reading “ALPHABET PUZZLE”


Many people are afraid to dream big. They are reluctant to hope for to much because they don’t want to be disappointed. As a result, they satisfy themselves with the mundane. It doesn’t have to be that way. Even if you suspect in your hearts of hearts that you don’t have the talent or resourcesContinue reading “5) THE POWER OF COLLABORATION”


If you’re in for a crazy night of team building, try the human burrito relay. Divide your group into even teams. Each team will be given a challenge tarp. The objective is for them to lay down on their challenge tarp, roll up in it (like a burrito) and roll from the starting line to theContinue reading “HUMAN BURRITO RELAY”


GAMING TOOL – SPOT MARKERS One of my favorite gaming tools is “spot markers.” These are anything that you can place on the floor for students to stand on. I use ‘floppy fliers’ that I purchased from Wal-mart for 99 cents apiece. I have also gone to carpet stores and had them donate carpet squares.Continue reading “MY NEIGHBOR”


A great activity for teams of all ages is the beach ball kudos activity. This is a very powerful activity that helps team members understand how important they are to each other. Have everyone get in a circle. Take a beach ball and as the leader start this activity off by throwing the ball toContinue reading “BEACH BALL KUDOS”