Island Hopping.002-001

If you are looking for an activity that will help your group with communication and team building, then you need to get your participants “Island Hopping:”

  • Break your group up into two or more teams
  • Place each team on a tarp on the floor that is an ISLAND.
  • Have the ISLANDS about 2 feet from each other
  • Tell the students that the 1st Island needs to only contain students with the birthdays from January through June
  • The second Island will only contain students with the birthdays from June through December
  • You can use anything you chose to split them up by
  • The objective is that teams will need to then have members “Hop” from whatever island they are onto their proper island

You can create more islands if necessary. Again, the purpose of this activity is to have the student’s problem solve using communication and team building skills.

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