Students will have to work through difficult circumstances to complete this activity. INSTRUCTIONS: Break your students into teams Give each team a tarp Tell them that the tarp is an ISLAND and the grass is the OCEAN Then instruct the teams to fold their tarp once without stepping in the ocean Keep giving themContinue reading “SHRINK O’MATIC”


Students love relays. This is one that always pleases every crowd. You will need a flat surface, tarps and lots of cheering. This is a great activity┬áif you want students to run out a lot of their energy. Students will need to use communication and team building skills to complete this task. INSTRUCTIONS: Break yourContinue reading “CHARIOT RACES”


Flip the tarp is an exciting team building activity that requires all participants to work together. INSTRUCTIONS: Have your students stand on the tarp (15 to 20) If I am working with large numbers I will use more than one tarp and have students compete against each other. Explain to the students that they areContinue reading “FLIP THE TARP”


A great activity for teams of all ages is the beach ball kudos activity. This is a very powerful activity that helps team members understand how important they are to each other. Have everyone get in a circle. Take a beach ball and as the leader start this activity off by throwing the ball toContinue reading “BEACH BALL KUDOS”