Icebreakers Vol. 1 copy.049

Students love relays. This is one that always pleases every crowd. You will need a flat surface, tarps and lots of cheering. This is a great activity if you want students to run out a lot of their energy. Students will need to use communication and team building skills to complete this task.


  • Break your students into teams
  • Give each team a tarp
  • Have a starting point and ending point
  • Each team will have a “RIDER” (One Student) on the “CHARIOT” (tarp) and the
  • “HORSES” (Other Team Members) will drag the student to the end point
  • Teams will then change riders and continue the activity until everyone on the team has been transferred

One thought on “CHARIOT RACES

  1. While this activity addresses “students” I have used it with all age groups. The main objective is that everyone has to work together and communicate in order to complete the objective. David Morehead


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