All you need for a memorable night is a ROLL OF TWINE
  • Have all of your students get in a large circle
  • One student will share with the group a prayer request that they have and will take a roll of twine, wrap the end of the twine around their hand and toss it to another member. 
  • Everyone will share a prayer request while building a “web-like community” in the process.


Once everyone is wrapped in the web you as the leader will begin to facilitate the activity.
  • Have everyone take one step FORWARD and watch the web collapse – talk about how without prayer we have no support
  • Have everyone take one step BACK and watch the web tighten – talk about how when we all pray we have the support of the entire youth group
  • Have one student GENTLY TUG the string then ask what other students felt the tug – talk about how we can all feel the prayers of others
Conclude this activity by having everyone pray for each other. I have used this numerous times and it is an incredible visual for people to see prayer in action. Everytime I have used this the students really break into a great time of prayer.

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