This post is based on a youth worker Q & A from Youth Workers of Section 8 of the Illinois District. These questions were collected by sectional director Rev. Andrew Garvin. Youth workers of the section submitted questions ahead of time in order to receive feedback on issues that were personal to them. Below I have listedContinue reading “STUDENT MINISTRY Q & A”


Octopus is a legendary children’s game that I have played with groups of all ages. This game is also known as “Sharks and Minnows.” You set the room up with boundaries with “safe zones” at each end. Your playing area will be set up like a football field. Choose a person to be the “OCTOPUS.”Continue reading “OCTOPUS”


“Relationships are often built through games. Games are a common activity that’s less threatening than sharing prayer requests. Watch how kids build relationships – it’s usually through shared activities. So use games as a part of your ministry of building relationships within your group.” ~ Tiger McLuen KEY POINTS TO SUCCESSFUL GAMES As stated withContinue reading “5 TIPS FOR SUCCESSFUL GAMES”


A great teacher strategy I love to use when I am working with a large group but need to divide them into smaller groups is called MINGLE. Start out by yelling out random numbers and have students get in a group with that many student EXAMPLE: If you shout 7 then everyone should get in groups of sevensContinue reading “MINGLE”


This is a fun icebreaker during the Christmas holidays for all times of gatherings! You simply have everyone stand then you read off the following list of statements. If one applies then they sit down. For example, the leader of the activity would say, “Sit down if . . . You’re A Re-gifter.” All of theContinue reading “SIT DOWN CHRISTMAS “


GAMING TOOL – SPOT MARKERS One of my favorite gaming tools is “spot markers.” These are anything that you can place on the floor for students to stand on. I use ‘floppy fliers’ that I purchased from Wal-mart for 99 cents apiece. I have also gone to carpet stores and had them donate carpet squares.Continue reading “MY NEIGHBOR”


With a new school year in progress and new small groups kicking off, I have had numerous requests for icebreakers. I will be posting an icebreaker every day this week and will resume my regular posting schedule next week. Need an icebreaker this week, but your in a hurry, have no money and stressed to your limit? Well,Continue reading “DO YOU HAVE MY SHOES?”