A great teacher strategy I love to use when I am working with a large group but need to divide them into smaller groups is called MINGLE.

  • Start out by yelling out random numbers and have students get in a group with that many student
  • EXAMPLE: If you shout 7 then everyone should get in groups of sevens – the odd person is out
  • Keep playing this until you have one or two people left.


If you need a particular number of students in each group try this:

  • Get a count of how many students you have altogether
  • Let’s say you have 25 and you need 5 groups
  • After you have played a few rounds tell the students you are going to play again, then yell out 5. You will then have 5 groups of five.
  • Of course you will not always have even groups but this will still group them up and then you can place the remainder with the group you feel is best.

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