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This is a very detailed prayer journey that will take your students from station to station. In the journey below we had some very unique props that we were able to use, but as you look at the journey below you will start thinking of things that you can do to create a tailor made prayer journey for your students. Enjoy praying with your students in a unique way!

  • DISCUSSION ICEBREAKER – Participants will discuss with their partner their current spiritual status and where they want to go in their spiritual journey.
  • BUMP SIGN – We will pray for the obstacles that we have in our lives
  • TRAFFIC BARREL – We will pray for the leaders in our church and those who have authority in our lives
  • LADDER – We will ask God to take us and our student ministry to another level
  • WATER DEPARTMENT SIGN – We will pray for students and leaders of our community
  • FENCE – We will pray for a hedge of protection around our lives and that God would give us strength to respect the boundaries that have been placed in our lives.
  • LETTER TO GOD – We will write a letter to God on the areas that we need construction on and our commitment to the remodeling process that will occur in our lives.

(Journey created and led by Anthony Morehead)

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