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This is one of my favorite prayer activities to do with participants of all ages. Prayer can often be difficult for people to understand. It feels like your just talking into open space. Having people write a letter to God personalizes their prayers. It puts things into perspective for them.

Have participants put their prayers in writing, but don’t just journal requests. Write out questions, heartaches and struggles. Don’t forget to journal praises, too. Be creative. Put your prayers into poems. By writing a letter to God you can go back and read your letter in a week or a month. There’s a good chance you’ll be reminded of how God has answered your prayers. And when you’re feeling down, your past praises remind you of God’s goodness and love for you.


I always instruct participants that this is a private letter between them and God. Let them know these letters will not be read publicly. The letter is for them to keep. I encourage them to keep it in their Bible as a bookmark and to review it periodically to encourage them. Below is a letter I use and your welcome to use it any way you see fit.

Letter to God


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