A great way to introduce new groups, is a clothespin kudos activity. Give each participant a clothespin and a sharpie marker. Then have participants create a “Nifty Nickname” for themselves. This is done by using an adjective that begins with the same letter as their name. This quality is to describe the participant. Examples could include: Dynamic DavidContinue reading “NIFTY NICKNAMES”


With a new school year in progress and new small groups kicking off, I have had numerous requests for icebreakers. I will be posting an icebreaker every day this week and will resume my regular posting schedule next week. Need an icebreaker this week, but your in a hurry, have no money and stressed to your limit? Well,Continue reading “DO YOU HAVE MY SHOES?”


A few years ago I was with a great teacher friend of mine, Lance Bridges, when he received a phone call from his daughter who had been on a day trip with some friends. I heard Lance ask his daughter, “Honey, what was your HIGH (favorite part) of the trip?” I then heard him ask, “What wasContinue reading “HIGH LOW TEACHING STRATEGY”


This is an old activity with a techno twist. This can be used with a leadership team or Student Ministry (An example list will be provided for each group). Break participants up into manageable groups Have each group select a leader Give each group a list of items that can be found on the grounds HaveContinue reading “CELL PHONE SCAVENGER HUNT”