We tend to view preaching and teaching in two separate lights. We see preaching as high energy and inspiring, yet we perceive teaching as low energy and mundane. Many view teaching in a “sit and get” fashion. People need a varied approach to teaching. Join me as we examine “Krispy Kreme®” to consider how IContinue reading “KRISPY KREME TEACHING EXPERIENCE”


SUPPLIES NEEDED: Small individual cans of Play-Doh! Play-Doh is my favorite activity of all time! Children of all ages love to create things with Play-Doh. Give them a POWER WORD and let the creation begin. After teaching this concept, I had a youth leader tell me their Sunday School class created a replica of theContinue reading “PLAY-DOH CREATIONS”


A few years ago I was with a great teacher friend of mine, Lance Bridges, when he received a phone call from his daughter who had been on a day trip with some friends. I heard Lance ask his daughter, “Honey, what was your HIGH (favorite part) of the trip?” I then heard him ask, “What wasContinue reading “HIGH LOW TEACHING STRATEGY”