Icebreakers Vol. 1 copy.068


A Beach ball

This is a great icebreaking activity that was created by a group of 7th grade students. Everyone stands in a circle and you throw the ball to each other. When you catch the ball you take your right hand and whatever color your hand is on you have to say your name and then match a personality trait with that color. For instance some of the students replied:

My color is YELLOW and yellow is the color of the sun and I love playing basketball outside and I love swimming.

I have RED and my favorite color is red and my grandmother’s favorite color is also red and I love spending time with my grandmother.

My color is WHITE and we just had a snow day and I played video games with my older brother the whole day and had a great time.

This is a great activity to get students talking and to learn fun facts about them.

I have also used this with adult leadership teams as well. It’s simply an easy way to get people talking about themselves.


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