With a new school year in progress and new small groups kicking off, I have had numerous requests for icebreakers. I will be posting an icebreaker every day this week and will resume my regular posting schedule next week.

Need an icebreaker this week, but your in a hurry, have no money and stressed to your limit? Well, it’s time to go to your natural resources. SHOES! Yes, you have seen this done before and everyone thinks it is corny but they always do it and it is always a surefire activity.


Have all students take off their shoes and throw them in two large piles (One girl / One guy pile). They will return to their seats. Have a few helpers mix up the shoes then start a countdown or play an exciting song and have students find their shoes.  Make this a competition between the boys and the girls.


This is an exciting activity that can stand on its own or you can have the students line up across the front after the activity holding their shoes. Then have each student say their name and tell the group where the most exciting place their “shoes” have been this summer. This will let you hear the names of new guests and give you a great overview of what happened in your student’s lives this summer.

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