People Bingo.001

With a new school year in progress and new small groups kicking off, I have had numerous requests for icebreakers. I will be posting an icebreaker every day this week and will resume my regular posting schedule next week.

One of my wife’s very favorite activities is BINGO. We recently created a people bingo game for her and she had a great time facilitating the activity. You can use People Bingo anyway that you choose. You can use the linked site to create your own bingo cards. You can use Bingo:

  • To mingle new students
  • Review previously taught material
  • Christmas parties
  • Leadership retreats
  • Anything else you can think of


  • Take the time to customize your own boards at the above site.
  • Participants will have each square initialed once they find the person that matches the square.
  • If you divide to use this resource in a different way and you need bingo markers, then M&M’s are a fun way to play the game.



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