Speed Talking

With a new school year in progress and new small groups kicking off, I have had numerous requests for icebreakers. I will be posting an icebreaker every day this week and will resume my regular posting schedule next week.

This is an exciting way to have group members get to know each other.


Have six chairs on one side and six on the other side (number is not important, it just has to be even) with the chairs facing one another. You will give participants sitting on the LEFT SIDE 30 seconds to tell their partner sitting in front of them on the RIGHT SIDE everything they can about themselves.

You will then yell SWITCH and the participants on the RIGHT SIDE will share everything they can about themselves.


As the leader you will then yell ROTATE and the left side will stay seated and the RIGHT SIDE will rotate around. You will repeat the above process until everyone has had a chance to talk to each other.


Go around the room and have everyone share out one thing that they learned about someone from the activity that they previously did not know. I have used this activity with groups of all ages. I have used it in classrooms and also with leadership teams. You can also use this activity as a teaching tool. Instead of using it as a et to know you exercise, you can give your group a POWER WORD that participants will talk about. Perhaps your lesson was about God’s Word, you could have the group share every thing they know about reading and obeying the Bible.

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