Discussion ball

A great way to recap a lesson or to introduce new material to your class is by using a discussion ball. They make professional discussion balls with specific content questions on them, but I prefer to buy a $1.00 beach ball and take a list of labels and create 10 to 20 questions focused around my topic. I will put everyone in a circle and then have students throw the ball to each other. Where your right thumb lands when you catch the ball, that is the question you are to answer. For example, if you are going to teach on the topic of repentance, you could take a beachball on on tables you could write the following questions:

1) What action is the first step in the plan of salvation? (Acts 2:38)

2) What does repentance mean? 

3) Who was the Preacher in Jesus’ day who preached repentance?

4)  Can you remember a time when you repented?

5) What are some actions that would cause us to repent?

6) Who needs to repent?

7) What is one scripture that mentions repentance?

8)  How often should you repent?


This is just the tip of the iceberg of questions you can ask. The great thing about this activity is that you are not locked into any topic. No matter what you are teaching this coming Sunday, you can get a beachball, some labels, create a list of questions and start a great Biblical discussion.

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