I was with my four-year-old tornado (daughter) Rose Marie Morehead at Walmart.  I was pushing her in the cart when we passed a random man and Rose shouted out to the top of her lungs “SHOEHORN!” I asked her what that was about and she just LAUGHED and said “SHOEHORN!” The rest of our shopping trip Rose would shout SHOEHORN to everyone we passed, as loud and enthusiastically as she could.

A few nights later my wife was reading Rose a book and came downstairs and asked me why in the world is Rose randomly shouting SHOEHORN as she was reading. To this day we still have no idea what SHOEHORN means, but It has become a fun buzzword in our family. If you get frustrated you just shout SHOEHORN. If you don’t know how to explain something you say SHOEHORN. If everybody is playing a game and people is getting slaphappy you just yell out SHOEHORN. It has become “insider” language for our family.

As a family, we want to make sure that Rose has a great work ethic, but we also want to make sure that Rose is full of laughter. Rose is already learning this lesson as she sees herself as an actress and the entire world is her stage. Just as every family must PRAY together, it’s also important that every family PLAYS together! The more your family is LAUGHING together, the more your family will STICK together. So, take your family out this weekend, tilt your heads back and shout SHOEHORN!

CORE BIBLICAL VALUE: Proverbs 17:22 A merry heart doeth good like a medicine: but a broken spirit drieth the bones.

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