Outside Games Vol. 2.001

This is one of the most exciting games to play! You have the participants start flapping the parachute and tell them you are going to throw snakes onto the parachute. The object is to not get ‘bitten’ by a snake (A snake is a bouncy ball with a long tail on the end). Once they are bitten, they are out of the game, but their job is then to keep snakes on the parachute (I have found that the participants have just as much fun running around and sliding under the parachute recovering the snakes as they do playing the actual game). You keep playing the game until there aren’t enough participants to operate the parachute.


  • Find approximately 3 inch in diameter bouncy balls
  • Get a roll of caution tape
  • Get a roll of Duct tape
  • Take the duct tape and wrap around the ball and a portion of the caution tape
  • Leave a 3 to 4ft tail of caution tape
  • Yes, this is a little rough, but I have official snakes that cost me $25.00 and these snakes work just as well.

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