Are you ready for an oldie but goodie part game?

Everyone stands on a dot/carpet square facing in a circle except one player; that one is in the middle. Go around the circle and give everyone 1 of 3 fruit names (or 4 or 5 – depending on how many are playing and don’t forget to give a name to the one in the middle).

  • The one in middle will call out one or two fruits. Those who have that fruit as their “name” must get up and go to another dot . . . FAST!
  • We have a rule that you can’t go to the dot next to you, to make people run everywhere.
  • The one in the middle tries to find an empty dot so someone else will be “it.”
  • The Player “IT” can also call “Fruit Basket Turnover” and EVERYONE must find a new dot.
  • You could keep playing on and on or someone can be “out” when they have been in the middle more than once; just be sure to pull one dot out and place someone else in middle to keep playing.

You do not have to use fruit; you can use anything, like Biblical names, or Numbers, or Books of the Bible, just don’t choose too many. Keep it about 3 to 5 different “names” depending on the size of the group.

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