TURKEYDISCLAIMER: Many of my youth pastor friends desire the gross and the x-treme. While I have personally outgrown this phase of student ministry (lololol) many of my friends have not. Therefore I am providing a very crazy activity courtesy of the kind people from If this is offensive to you, please stay tuned for more “normal” events in the days to come.


HEALTH SUGGESTIONS: Provide latex gloves for everyone; you can buy them about 100 for $8 from beauty supply stores like Sally. For some of the events, you don’t have to unwrap the turkeys. Have hand sanitizer (like Purell) on hand for in-between events.

What are frozen turkey olympics? Exactly what it sounds like! Publicity tell young people to gather the biggest team they can find (hint that team size will be an advantage) for “Olympic-STYLE-Events,” but NO REAL ATHLETIC ABILITY NECESSARY. Members of the same team need to wear the same color t-shirt (assign team colors ahead of time). Students are responsible for gathering their own teams (parishes, youth groups, different schools, parents, families, retreat teams, athletic teams, youth leaders, etc.). Teams should be coed (at least one of the opposite sex). Each team is presented with their Frozen Turkey (get them donated thru grocery stores — usually they give away the “past the due date” turkeys leftover from Thanksgiving or Christmas. Also, expired turkeys don’t send a “wasting food” message).


Dressing the Turkey — Duct Tape and Spray Paint turkey in team color and team symbol on each kid’s face (face paint). (Again, have rubber or latex gloves available…some kids are squeamish.) Have them run in a line holding hands across to where their team turkey is and then run back with the turkey. First entire team over the finish line wins.

  • Turkey Shot-put (2 from each team)
  • Turkey Toss (4 from each team…each holding a corner of a sheet…”flinging” the turkey)
  • Turkey Relay (4-6 from each team…could be more if you have large teams)
  • Turkey-Tug-of-War (the whole team)

POINTS: For events 1-4 — assign a Gold (3 points), Silver (2 points), and Bronze. (1 point) for the first team back or for farthest overall throws (best turkey takes it for the team)

Don’t take this too seriously, it’s just for fun to discover the BIG TURKEY ON CAMPUS!

Idea from Colleen O’Dowd

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