Egg Nog Bob Title Slide


  • Two large clear plastic serving bowls
  • Egg Nog
  • Goggles
  • Small Candy Canes


You will need at least two people to play this game. However, if you can involve more students, those watching will have even more reason to cheer them on!


Fill each bowl with egg nog and 8-10 candy canes.


Choose two students who don’t mind getting messy (and a little sticky). They will each stand in front of their bowl, goggles on. On “GO” they will dive in to get all 10 candy canes. The first student to get all 10, without using their hands, is the winner. Have towels ready so they can dry off.

**HINT: The deeper the tub, the more of their head and body they have to put in the bowl to get the candy canes at the bottom. Also, be sure to play in a place that can get a little wet. As students come up for air, they will most likely bring some egg nog out of the tub with them.

Lastly, we like to use clear tubs so the students in the audience can see more of the bobbing action!

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