“Relationships are often built through games. Games are a common activity that’s less threatening than sharing prayer requests. Watch how kids build relationships – it’s usually through shared activities. So use games as a part of your ministry of building relationships within your group.” ~ Tiger McLuen KEY POINTS TO SUCCESSFUL GAMES As stated withContinue reading “5 TIPS FOR SUCCESSFUL GAMES”


GAMING TOOL – PARACHUTE I love parachute games! And so do your students, and your parents, and the staff members of your school, church or company. I have played these games with all types of ages and groups and always have terrific results. For this set of activities there is an investment involved, but itContinue reading “PARACHUTE VOLLEYBALL”


If you are looking for an activity that will help your group with communication and team building, then you need to get your participants “Island Hopping:” Break your group up into two or more teams Place each team on a tarp on the floor that is an ISLAND. Have the ISLANDS about 2 feet from each other Tell theContinue reading “ISLAND HOPPING TARP ACTIVITY”


GAMING TOOL – ALPHABET LETTERS One of my favorite gaming tools are FOAM LETTERS. You can purchase them online and local stores from $35.00 to $50.00. This is an investment that you can use many different ways in your ministry. I will be posting additional strategies that you can use with this exciting gaming tool. ALPHABET PUZZLE One of my mostContinue reading “ALPHABET PUZZLE”


Place students into two lines. Have them lay on the floor in their lines. Their feet should be at their team member’s head. You will give each team a balloon “PLANET”. When you say go, the first student in the line must take the planet with his / her FEET and swivel on their bottom and passContinue reading “BALLOON PLANET PASS”