This is a special Mother’s Day post dedicated to my amazing wife, Rev. Dr. Bobbi Morehead I have made several posts on the effect Mark Batterson’s incredible book, “Praying Circles Around Your Children” by has made on our prayer life. We created a Prayer Checklist for Rosie, a Prayer Poster, as well as choosing life verses for ourContinue reading “SPECIAL MOTHER’S DAY EDITION: PRAYER LIST”


Yes! I am consumed with my soon-to-be five year-old daughter Rose! The Rosie posts are starting to mount up because we are constantly trying things and if something that we are doing (or not doing) is helpful to you as well, then we would be thankful. This is the third post of our personalization of, “Praying CirclesContinue reading “PRAYER POSTERS”


My wife and I are personalizing many of the prayer strategies that we have learned in, “Praying Circles around Your Children,” by Mark Batterson. Last week we showed you how we have created a very specific prayer list for Rosie. Today we are going to talk about choosing Family life verses and speak God’s promises intoContinue reading “FAMILY LIFE VERSES”


My wife and I recently read an incredible book entitled, Praying Circles Around Your Children by Mark Batterson. Batterson gives parents and leaders of children a great idea on how to pray for your kids. He says that our life is made of lists- a grocery list, an invite list, and a to-do list, why not createContinue reading “PRAYER CHECKLIST”