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Yes! I am consumed with my soon-to-be five year-old daughter Rose! The Rosie posts are starting to mount up because we are constantly trying things and if something that we are doing (or not doing) is helpful to you as well, then we would be thankful.

This is the third post of our personalization of, “Praying Circles Around Your Children” by Mark Batterson. If you haven’t had the chance to read, “Prayer Checklist” and “Family Life Verses” then I encourage you to do so. Today’s post is about creating Prayer Posters. In explaining this concept Batterson states:

“A few years ago, our friends Dennis and Donna, who pastor a neighboring church on Capitol Hill, told us about something God had impressed on them to do for their children. They identified words that were descriptive and prescriptive of their kids, had these words framed, and hung them on the walls in their rooms. They often wondered whether those words meant anything, but their oldest daughter, who is grown-up and no longer in their home, recently told them that some nights, when she hadn’t been able to fall asleep, she would look at those words on the wall and they would speak to her. Those framed words started to frame her. She started to see herself in the light of her God-ordained identity and destiny.”

Once again we have placed this concept into action. We took the nine attributes that we created for Rosie’s “Prayer Checklist” -Committed, Ambitious, Compassionate, Encouraging, Joyful, Student, Worshipper, Righteous, and Faithful- and inputted them into the app WordPack and generated the above word cloud for Rosie’s prayer poster. I have this image in my phone and everyday I have been praying these words over Rose. We are going to be sending this image to Walgreen’s photo center to create a canvas print that will hang in her room. The possibilities are endless. The goal is simply to keep Rose’s prayer mission before our family.

DISCUSSION: I would love to hear your suggestions in the comment section below of how this strategy could be adapted for your children or Sunday School Class.

2 thoughts on “PRAYER POSTERS

  1. Thank you so much for this post. As a parent of three teens I often wonder if I will make it thru another day. I try so hard to impact their lives with God and help them form a personal relationship with Him. Too often we become lost in the chaos of emotions that are swirling. I needed this direction. Thank you!


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