We are nearing the conclusion of our “Life Survival Series.” Next Wednesday will be our final night. However, before we conclude, we have one very important topic that we must address, the issue of our assets, or our personal worth. Now, many people get nervous when we begin to discuss issues like this. There areContinue reading “8) A.SSETS”


We have talked about many enjoyable topics in this series such as deepening our spiritual lives, finding ways to contribute to the lives of others, and just taking the blinders off of our lives and allowing ourselves just to dream with our personal vision. There are just some things in our lives that we loveContinue reading “7) V.OCATION GOALS”


I.NVESTMENT (OUR CONTRIBUTIONS TO OTHERS)  When we begin to discuss goal setting, it is very easy to get stuck on continually looking at ourselves. WE get our eyes so set on our future and everything that WE want to accomplish that we forget one of the most important lessons to achieving success – to giveContinue reading “6) I.NVESTMENT GOALS”


We are now entering our fifth week of an exciting journey. We have discussed our spiritual goals, explored new ways to stretch our understanding and to strengthen our relationships. We are now at a halfway point of our series. Our focus is now going to begin to broaden much wider. Our focus tonight is now goingContinue reading “5) V.ISION GOALS”