On November 11th, 2014 against the Memphis Grizzlies, Kobe Bryant set the NBA dubious record of the most MISSED field goals in league history. 13,297 times Bryant shot the ball . . . and missed. Now, I am not a Kobe Bryant fan, but over time I have learned to respect his game. It takes amazing resolve to miss that many shots and still keep shooting. The interesting things is that four of the NBA’s all time point leaders are also on the NBA’s top six list for the futility mark. It’s amazing that these legends that have scored thousands of points over their careers have also missed thousands of shots.

The parallel is that anytime you do anything worth doing, you will have a long line of “misses” along with your “makes.” Today is my 200th blogpost of the WhoopWhoopBlog. I am thankful to all of you who follow and give me kind comments of encouragement. However, this is my 3rd blog. My first blog, focusing only on team building, did pretty well but I lost focus and stopped after the 66th post. My second blog was based around the sermon series I was preaching while I was pastoring. When I left the pastorate the blog died at 63 posts. Then my friend Nate Roemer launched his blog ChurchA-Z and challenged me to start blogging again. After I created the main concept, my brother Anthony Morehead encouraged me to combine all of the blogs into one and offer many different options to my readers. This approach has been very successful in helping me reach this monumental 200th post (For an ADHDer, 200 of anything is monumental LOL).
The big take away today is simply KEEP SHOOTING. I learned from the blog experience that
  • 1) You can use all past experiences and combine them to create new experiences
  • 2) Allow others to motivate you to do something great,
  • 3) Keep blogging, writing, building or whatever else it is that you do whether you feel like it or not.

Remember, if you just keep shooting, you may make the record books for futility but you may also may do something worthwhile in the process.

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