alphaet train.001-001

  • Place the letters in a circle around the room
  • Have each student stand on a letter
  • Give the group a POWER WORD that they will use to come up with words for this activity
  • Tell your group that they will partner with the person who is at their right
  • Have each pair tell each other a word that starts with the letter that they are standing on
    • EXAMPLE: If the POWER WORD was leadership and you were standing on an “A” you could say attitude.
  • I give them about 20 seconds then I will have them go left 3 steps and do it again, then 5 steps then go again, then 12 steps . . . you get the idea
    • The point is to have them stand on as many letters as possible sharing words that revolve around your power word.

At the conclusion, I will have a large sticky note or white board and will start with “A” and have the students share out what they came up with. We will go A to Z and by the time we are done, I will have 26 great words to use for leadership (whatever topic you choose).

BONUS POINT: You can also use your letters as spotmarkers

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