Every One is it

This is an incredibly fun and active youth group game. It will get all of your students running and is an easy youth group game. This activity is a “last person standing” game. The winner is the very last person still in. You can play the game in any area that is large enough for your group to run around and play tag. Make sure to set up clear boundaries that they cannot go out of, or the game will last for eternity!

  • It is a basic game of “tag.”
  • However, rather than having a single person who is “it” and trying to tag everyone else, every single person is “it.”
  • Therefore, everyone is trying to tag everyone else, without getting tagged.
  • If you get tagged by anyone, you are out and must sit down. If two people tag one another at the same time, and it is a “tie,” then both players remain in.

Often, as you get down to fewer and fewer people still in, they tend to avoid one another and this game can become too drawn out. Some ideas for how to expedite the ending of this youth group game are:

  • 1) You can make the game area smaller for those still in
  • 2) You can allow those who are already out to not move, but be able to tag those who are still in while seated.


Soul winning is EVERYONE’S responsibility. We must all TAG our friends, loved one’s and neighbors with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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