One of the most exciting Christmas Party activities is Redneck Christmas Trees.

  • Divide your party goers into small groups (5 or so).
  • Each group will be given a roll of duct tape.
  • Have each group select “a tree” – a participant to be decorated
  • Group members will wrap loops of duct tape, adhesive side out, around their “tree” in various ways as the “branches” of the tree.
  • Groups will then find anything they can to decorate their tree that will stick to the duct tape
  • Give the groups 10 minutes to “decorate” their tree.

Groups can earn presents for their tree in the following areas:

  • Most attached ornaments
  • Most creative
  • Best teamwork
  • Most spirited

After time is up, let each group showcase their tree. Below is a picture of one of our Christmas parties where this activity was a great hit. Have fun!

redneck Christmas Tree.001-001

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