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Duct tape the youth pastor to the wall! This is a very exciting and easy fundraiser. It can be done in conjunction with another event, such as a lock-in or outreach effort.


Buy duct tape and sell three-foot strips for $1 apiece. The youth pastor will need to stand on a chair or ladder against a cement wall and allow customers to tape the youth pastor to the wall. In about thirty minutes, with no advertising, you can sell several hundred strips of tape, make your youth pastor a wall decoration, and make some great memories as a bonus!


  • Have a bouncer standing by the youth pastor who will not allow students to place tape on his or her face or skin
  • The youth pastor should wear a long sleeve shirt
  • Have the tape pre-torn in three-foot strips
  • You can pre-sell the strips
  • Pre-test the wall so that you do not do any damage

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