Once a month I travel to the Detroit metro area to work with Pastor David McCool and his two great churches that he pastors, Apostolic Faith Tabernacle of Ferndale and Life Church of Roseville. Through brainstorming discussions we created a model to help us more effectively help saints from falling through the cracks. Below is the overview that we provided for our leaders. Please feel free to use any of the model to best meet the needs of your church.

Our objective at Apostolic Faith Tabernacle is to “touch” as many people in our church as many times as possible. A “touch” is defined as a warm  and empowering interaction with Godly people. Pastor and Sis. Kris McCool are only able to “touch” so many people on each given service. Due to our growing congregation we believe we have a divine plan for “touching” more people each service.

Our auditorium is divided into 3 sections, so we will divide each main section into two subsections so that we will have a total of 6 sections in the auditorium. These sections will be called TRIBES (until we come up with a better name), and you will be called TRIBE LEADERS. The responsibilities of tribe leader will be as follows:

1) TAKE ATTENDANCE – In each area, leaders will have up to 15 people they will be responsible for each week. You will have an attendance sheet each week and take attendance. You will make a copy of the sheet, keep a copy for yourself and turn a sheet into the church secretary.

2) FOLLOW-UP ON THEM – Using your completed attendance sheet you will follow-up each week on the people who missed service. You may follow up on them by phone call, text message, hand written card, Facebook message, or personal visit. Everyone’s communicates differently, so connect with people who miss in the way that is most comfortable for you.

3) REMEMBER THEM – As the leader of your section, you will also take personal oversight of your tribe. As you get to know them take notes about them. Send them a card for their birthdays and anniversaries. Celebrate with them if your tribe member’s children has a graduation or a child. Take the opportunity to rejoice with them at every opportunity.

4) FELLOWSHIP WITH THEM – Make a point to fellowship with your tribe OUTSIDE THE CHURCH at least once each quarter (every three months). This can be as a whole group or with individual families. You can arrange for your section to go out to each after service together, have a barbecue in the summer or any other creative idea you come up with. The idea is just to do life with the people in your section.

This simple plan will allow us to break the church down into smaller more manageable pieces so we can continue the great growth that God is giving us!


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