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In Matthew 10:22 we are comforted with the words, “but he that ENDURETH to the end shall be saved.” I am certain that you have either 1) endured a crisis, 2) are in the middle of a crisis, 3) or you are headed into a crisis. This is simply the cycle of life. This blogpost is a highly personal overview of my life of endurance, but I am doing so to shed light on God’s healing in my life that has allowed me to E.N.D.U.R.E.!


My mother passed away without warning at 58 years of age. Her homecoming service was a celebration NOT a funeral. During one of the songs being sung, the spirit of worship filled the house. During the words, “I never lost my joy, I never lost my praise my father stood to his feet and he walked to the casket and raised his hands and began to worship God. Although he did not understand the purpose, he was EMBRACING God’s hand in his situation.


Rev. David Bernard once preached a stirring message entitled, “The Missing Link: Return to Your First Love.” In that altar call I compiled the following list of “First Things” I used to do as a young minister: 1) CONNECT: I started early before work to study and pray; 2) LEARN: I consumed audio resources for personal growth; 3) DREAM: I created a list of 101 goals to focus my ministry. After a while I began to slack off on these disciplines. As I experienced hardships I have returned to these disciplines to sharpen my spiritual life.  


The morning my mother passed away, the nurse knew my father and came to my dad crying, “Oh, Brother Morehead, what are you going to do? How will you ever survive?” My father stood up and looked at her and said Honey, just like this – he then began to walk by placing one foot in front of another! Dad had determined to continue through it all!


As impossible as it may seem, you can utilize your crisis to bring healing to others. A few weeks after mothers passing, my father was in Lowe’s. He was dressed in his paint clothes and a couple asked him if he would mind helping them pick out some paint. The lady started weeping and said her brother had been living with them for two years and just passed away. They were repainting his room. Dad started telling them about mother and began to pray for them in the middle of the store.


The Sunday morning after Justin, my 28-year-old brother, had been shot and killed, I found myself grappling with God for what I would preach to the congregation that I pastored. I wrestled for 2 hours weeping and questioning God, “How can I say anything to help your people when I am in such a mess?” During the worship service God empowered me with HIS power. He placed one scripture in my spirit, Ephesians 6:13, “Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand. 14. Stand therefore.” I began to preach “NOW IS THE TIME TO FIGHT!” I preached about protecting your families and the gospel of Jesus Christ. I relied on God’s power and He strengthened me with HIS spirit.


Psalms 78:19 records, “Yea, they spake against God; they said, Can God furnish a table in the wilderness?” On March 29, 2010, four months after Justin’s death, Rose Marie Morehead was born. Although it did not take all the pain away, it provided a table. She WAS BORN IN THE MIDDLE OF THE WILDERNESS. She provided HOPE! She provided LAUGHTER! She provided EXPECTATION! She provided a TABLE IN THE MIDDLE OF OUR WILDERNESS. Even in the midst of imaginable pain, God can and will provide blessings in your life.

WHEN you experience crisis in your life I pray that these steps can help you endure the same way that have helped me!


Which above point resonates the most with you and why? I would love to hear your replies in the comment section.

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