The role of a leader can be interesting at best. We are expected to do numerous activities. Many of these tasks are requested at a minutes notice. Below is a brief description of the tools and attributes required for the leaders office:

RUBBER BANDS for flexibility
PAPER CLIPS to hold things together
ENVELOPES to keep secrets
ERASERS to fix mistakes
CALCULATOR  to count the cost
RULER to measure yourself – accountability
TRASH CAN to eliminate unnecessary activities
SHARPIES  for creativity
BINDERS to collect successes and failures
A DESK to pull it all together
COMPUTER to stay in touch with the latest technology
COUCH AND CHAIRS to foster community
WHITE BOARD to craft your strategy
WINDOWS to shed transparency, authenticity and integrity
CALENDAR  for priorities
A KEURIG COFFEEMAKER to give you that extra shot of energy
BOOKSHELF to ensure a culture of learning
NOTEPAD  to capture new ideas
HATRACK for all the different leadership hats leaders must wear
CLOCK for time management
STEREO/ PLAYLIST  to give inspiration
TELEPHONE to build a network
TOWELS for perspiration

Leadership is an intense profession so go ahead, head to the office and get ready for a productive days work.

What is the attribute of the above list that comes most easily for you?
What is the attribute of the above list that you need to strengthen?

I would love to hear your answers in the comment section.

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