Checklist with red felt pen, and checked boxes.

It is 9:30 on Sunday Morning, your class starts at 10:00 am. You have 5, 10, 15, or 20 children ready to hear God’s Word. ARE YOU READY? whether you are a Sunday School teacher, youth pastor, small group leader, or Senior pastor, my personal experience tells me that this question, “ARE YOU READY?,” can make you panic. Below is a quick checklist that you can use throughout the week that can make the God ordained task of teaching people God’s Word more manageable.

P.RAY over your lesson and class at least 30 minutes this week (4.5 min. a day).  At the beginning of the week identify ONE THING that you want to pray for on the upcoming class. Pray each day for this goal.

R.EFLECT on last week’s lesson for at least ten minutes. Sunday night, list one thing you felt went right. List one area that you can improve on for next week.

E.XPLORE next week’s lesson. On Monday, identify one interesting point that you think would be interesting to teach and begin thinking on how you can build your lesson.

P.LAN next week’s lesson. By Wednesday take your main point that you have been thinking about from your Bible Reading or Curriculum and develop your lesson.

A.CCESS all of your resources. By Friday create a list of the people or materials that you will need to make this lesson take place.

R.EPORT to your accountability partner. You need to have one person that you talk to each week about teaching.

E.NRICH the lives of at least three children this week. On a postcard write the names of three children that you would like to connect with outside of the classroom this week.


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