Need a spiritual boost during the blahs of summer? Try this tried and true city-wide prayer journey. Several years ago on a Wednesday night we blanketed our entire city with prayer. Below is the prayer plan that I laid out for our leaders. Each car had:
  • A) An adult leader
  • B) An assigned group of students
  • C) A predetermined prayer designation
Pick a night for your teens to meet and load them up in a van or cars and go throughout your city and stop and pray at different places such as their schools, the mall and any of the student hangouts in your city.


Sis. Diane Davis will conduct prayer from 6:00 to 6:15 in the youth room at The Potter’s House Church. At 6:15 we will divide our students to go with group leaders to individual sites to pray. Leaders will go to each school and conduct prayer with your group. We will return to TPH by 7:30 for Prayer and a light snack.

LEADER: David & Bobbi Morehead

  • W.K. Kellogg
  • Battle Creek Central
  • South Hill
  • South Western

LEADER: Laurie Rivera

  • Sixth Grade Territorial
  • Lakeview Junior High
  • Lakeview High School

LEADER: Bro. Rice

  • Pennfield Middle School
  • Pennfield High School

LEADER: Phil & Cheryl Wells

  • Harper Creek Middle
  • Harper Creek High School

LEADER: Diane Davis

  • Endevor
  • Spring Field Middle
  • North Western

LEADER: Siera Stevens

  • KCC



  1. We have a prayer walking group in our city. I’m wondering if I can put add your picture “God of this city” on our fb banner.


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