I am often asked for recommendations for good youth material for preaching and teaching. So, this post is dedicated to exploring some of my favorites. Let me begin by saying their are many great materials that you can find online, in bookstores and numerous other places. However, I have made a choice over the past few years to strictly use Apostolic Curriculum. This is not a condemnation, rather  a recommendation for others to follow as well. I took Systematic Theology with Dr. Norris at UGST and he outlined in great detail how theological splinters have passed down from generation to generation and denomination to denomination. I am seeing that happen today with leaders casting to wide of a net when using curriculum to teach our students.


Into the Word is a great series that is broken down into 4-week lessons. The following topics are available: 1) It’s a Matter of Life or Death,  2) Temptation, 3) What it means to be a Christian Guy/Girl, 4) Seeing All of Life as Worship: It’s All Good, 5) Life with the Light On, 6) Beyond the Last Heartbeat7) Won’t You be My Neighbor, 8) Living with Aliens9) Unnatural, 10) Bestseller11) Rut, 12) Basic. I have used and continue to use many of these resources for classes and small groups.


LINK247 is a new all-digital curriculum for students and college-age young adults. Produced by the Division of Publications and the General Youth Division of the United Pentecostal Church International, LINK247 is creative, interactive, relevant, and doctrinally sound. Each LINK247 teaching series is based in a biblical principle and supports that principle with Scripture. LINK247 lessons are written by leading student workers from all over North America so the content is distinctly Apostolic.


Forward contains 12 comprehensive lessons dealing with spiritual disciplines, core doctrine and life mission and is designed to function as a Discipleship Course for teens and young adults. While the lessons in ‘Follow’ (To Be Continued Vol. #1) help initiate ones journey toward Jesus, ‘Forward’ (To Be Continued Vol. #2) gets you moving in the right direction.


The Core is an eight lesson series that mixes interaction and humor to help you teach your students essential Apostolic doctrine. Includes free digital components. The topics covered are: 1. The Bible 2. Who is Jesus 3. Sin & Repentance 4. Baptism in Jesus’ Name 5. The Holy Ghost 6. Your Relationship with God 7. Your Church 8. Holiness & Apostolic Identity!


The discipleship project is the newest UPCI curriculum that will change the way you do church. This is a whole church curriculum that facilitates every age group of the church staying the same topic each week. This resource includes engaging topics and special features such as music videos, trailer videos and training videos. I had the privilege of seeing an advanced copy of this curriculum and I was extremely impressed the the interaction and depth that it brought to each age group!  


I realize that there are MANY curriculum options from MANY great sources. However, I now choose to use Apostolic resources when I can use Apostolic resources.


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