Instructional Activitiies Vol. 3.012

Today’s Post is an incredible activity that my wife, Dr. Bobbi Morehead Superintendent of Covert Public Schools, created for the Sunday School Workshop in Grand Ledge a couple years ago. The purpose of the activity was to relate participants feeling to the feelings of Bible characters. The teacher will speak out certain feelings and if participants agree or relate with the statement they will they step forward towards the line. If participants disagree or do not relate to the statement they will back off the center line. 


  • Run a piece of tape or rope down the middle of the room
  • Have an equal amount of students lined up on each side of the line
  • As the leader develop a series of statements connected to the material that will be covered in the lesson. 


“Step back two steps if . . .”
  • You have ever been falsely accused
  • You have been betrayed by a family member
  • Your dreamed have been ignored
  • You had to make a moral decision
  • You had the opportunity to help someone else even if you would receive nothing in return
  • You were lonely
  • You were in a place where the only hope you had was your trust in God
This helps students think about how similar or different they are from the Bible character under study. You can use any questions that you desire and this will work for any Bible character or subject of interest.

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