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Your students are always “acting out”, so use that to your benefit. If your topic is repentance you can have a large box that is full of cleaning supplies. You can have participants come to the front, take one of the supplies and talk about how it relates to the topic of repentance. For instance a participant may take:

  • Bottle of bleach – Blood of Jesus that washes away all sins
  • Windex – The eyes are the window to the soul
  • Pledge – God’s grace takes the dust (sin) from our lives
  • Trash bags – Repentance takes out the trash
  • Plunger – Sometimes your life gets plunged up and prayer will flush things out

The possibilities are endless. I have led this activity countless times and it is amazing what participants of all ages will come up with. So, find yourself a large box, fill it with a lot of fun items, give your participants a POWER WORD and enjoy an exciting class.

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