My friend and professional balloon twister, Andy McDonald calls balloons his five-second friend because everyone likes balloons. Balloons will bring laughter and excitement to any group.

When I do balloon activities, I have participants get into two groups and give each group a bag of balloons. The first activity that we do is to see which group can blow up all of their balloons first. Yes, this is a trick so that I don’t have to blow up all of the balloons.


I have used this activity with every age group possible and it is always a huge hit.

  • Break students up into two groups
  • Place some type of line down the middle of the room
  • Have a team on each side of the line
  • Place as many blown up balloons as possible on the line
  • Then have students get on their KNEES

I count down with as much energy possible from 10 to 1. Once I hit 1, students are to hit the balloons back and forth across the line. After a couple of minutes I will say, “TIME.” I tell all students to place their hands in the air.

  • The team with the least amount of balloons on their side is the winner
  • I generally play a best out of five to give them a chance to get into it and I usually only go a minute or so on the last three rounds
  • Of course you can do best of three to make it shorter or best of seven to make it longer


You can give this activity a spiritual application by telling the participants that the reason they are playing the game on their knees is because the only way you can win in your spiritual life is by being on your knees in prayer.

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