With a new school year in progress and new small groups kicking off, I have had numerous requests for icebreakers. I will be posting an icebreaker every day this week and will resume my regular posting schedule next week.

This is a great kudos activity that will help your group feel better about themselves and to learn things about each other.


Each participant needs a colored sheet of paper, a piece of masking tape and a writing utensil (preferably a sharpie or crayon)


Participants will take his/her piece of paper and take the crayon and trace their hand. They will then tape the piece of paper on their back.


Start the countdown along with music and have students walk around the room giving each other a “pat on the back.” They will do this by writing kind things on the back of as many people as possible.

As a fun way to wrap up this activity, I have the participants get in a large circle and then go around the room and have them share with the group the kind things that were said about them.

CAUTION: With younger audiences I explain to them this is a POSITIVE activity and that we only write KIND things about each other.

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