Icebreakers Vol.029

This is a great team building activity that engages all members of your group. I have conducted this activity with groups of all ages. I conduct this activity in two parts. Participants will be broken into two teams.


Each team will be given 50 pool noodles, 2 cardboard boxes and 5 rolls of tape (Actually, any random objects you have laying around)


Each team will be given a five-minute planning session to create a plan for what their team will create using all of the materials.


Each team will be given a twenty-five minute creation session to create a structure to be used in competition with the other team. The only rule is that teams have to use all supplies given


To show participants that the five-minute planning session is as important in leadership as the final activity.


Participants must work together as a team to complete the task.

With summer soon coming to an end this is “NOODLE WEEK.” The next several post will feature exciting activities using pool noodles.

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